Accessories for the Hottest Pool Party Outfits

The Cutest Casual Summer Outfits

The days are long, the weather is hot, and the pool parties are endless. At the halfway point of the summer season, we still have countless BBQs, swim parties, and beach days to attend. Only have a few different bathing suits to choose from? The right accessories can add some fun variety to your pool party outfits. You get an extra boost of confidence to walk into each pool party knowing you look your absolute best.

Need a little help finding the perfect statement pieces to add to your summer closet? We’ve picked our 4 favorite poolside accessories that can add a little excitement to your style.


Step aside, boring cover-ups and say hello to this season’s hottest trend: the sarong. These versatile pieces are made with super-lightweight fabrics, offering a pop of vibrant color while covering up. Sarongs can be worn in multiple ways: around your waist, chest, and shoulders to create cute skirts and dresses to cover up while relaxing by the pool. The thin fabric also makes them super easy to pack up into a bag or suitcase, so they take up minimal space. Bring a sarong with you on your next beach vacation, or wear it by the pool to create the ultimate beachy casual summer outfit.

Fanny Packs

Looking for a simple, stylish way to carry your belongings this summer? Give fanny packs a try. Yes, these staples from the 90s are making a comeback! Today’s version of the fanny pack can be found in a variety of styles including sporty, sleek, and boho looks. You can definitely find one that’s perfect to match or accent your summer outfit. Loosely wrap the pack around your waist to accentuate your hips and store all your belongings within reach. Want an even fresher look? Try the trend all the celebs are sporting  — strap the pack across your body, and get outside and shine, superstar!

Statement Sunglasses

Do you like to run the show and be in the spotlight? Nothing grabs peoples’ attention more than a pair of sexy statement sunglasses. Find a pair of bold frames that complement the shape of your face. With a variety of choices, including cat-eye, round, and the super popular 90s vintage-style frames, there is truly something for everyone. After you’ve found the best frame for your face shape, try experimenting with different colored and reflective lenses. Bold, retro or sexy, sunglasses help you rock your summer look.

Shell Jewelry

Bring island vibes to your next pool party through shell jewelry. These pieces are the epitome of summer and will make you feel like you’re laying out on the beach, even when you’re just tanning by your pool. Play around with matching necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings to tie together your beachy pool party outfit.

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