CoolSculpting that comes to you

Freeze Fat Away From The Comfort Of Your Home

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved procedure using controlled cooling to eliminate fat. The nonsurgical procedure freezes away stubborn fat cells in specific areas being treated. Targeted fat cells will typically take a few weeks to break down and then flush out of the body, resulting in a natural, more sculpted and toned look. Mobile BodySculpt is the perfect opportunity for people looking to better their body without drawing attention to themselves – you don’t even have to leave your location as we bring the service to you!

So how exactly does the process work?

  1. Start with a free consult — on us! CoolSculpting is not a one size fit all, consults allow us to customize your treatment and answer any questions you may have. To work with your schedule, we offer flexible scheduling for free consults in-office or via video call.
  2. Get excited with our various payment options. We offer a number of different ways for you to finance your treatments.
  3. Book your CoolSculpting treatment without the inconvenience of driving, awkward office visits or hassle of going out of your way to come to our clinic. With our mobile services, we’ll come to you.

Here are a few other reasons why Mobile BodySculpt is an ideal way to receive treatment:


With fewer people to worry about, you can truly focus on yourself and your CoolSculpting experience. Forget sitting in a waiting room before your session — let us come to you.


Can’t find the time to come to our clinic? Our mobile van brings CoolSculpting to wherever you are. Feel the most comfort receiving your CoolSculpting treatment from the convenience of your office, home or any location of your choosing.


Like with any form of treatment, you may feel an uncomfortable sensation during or after your CoolSculpting procedure. Minimize your stress by having our CoolSculpting experts travel to where you feel most secure.

CoolSculpting is a fast and convenient way to reduce fats resistant to diet and exercise, so why not make it easier than it already is? Book your free consultation today so you can look and feel your best!

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